What do you mean health-ish?

What do you mean health-ish?

Most people would agree that it’s important to be healthy. That means taking care of yourself and going to the dentist and doctor on a regular basis for check-ups, taking medicine with you get sick and taking a mental break every now and then to keep yourself sane. I totally agree with all that, but being healthy also consists of taking preventative measures so that you don’t even get sick in the first place.

As I’m sure most people have, I’ve seen loved ones grow older and sicker ultimately dying from heart attacks, cancers and developing diabetes. While I’m not here to point fingers because some people are just dealt a shitty hand in life, I’m a firm believer that no matter what cards you get, you can still take control of your health and take measures to prevent your shitty cards from getting even shittier.

Base on my family history I should have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, be pre-diabetic and just waiting for cancer to hit. But I don’t accept it. Though I might not have been dealt the best of cards health-wise, I try to do everything in my power to PREVENT those conditions and diseases from even developing. I exercise for at least twenty minutes everyday; I eat as healthy as possible, mostly plant-based foods and do what I can to keep my life as stress-free as possible.

That being said, I’m only human and I’m not perfect. Yes, I skip workouts sometimes. Yes, I still eat meat and cheeseburgers and fried foods once in a while. But the key to all of this is balance. I am healthy-ish. I try to fit in as many fruits, veggies and healthy grains as much as I can, but HEY! sometimes tacos just sound so much better. ย The point is to eat healthy. That’s great! Eat as many fruits and veggies as you can to give your body the vitamins it needs to fight off disease. But also give yourself permission to splurge once in a while. It’s okay enjoy those Mcnuggests. I love them too! But remember to not get too carried away, take care of yourself and make sure that what goes into your body is healthy-ish.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Leave a comment and let me know! What you do to keep yourself healthy and what is your guilty pleasure to splurge a little?

6 thoughts on “What do you mean health-ish?”

  • This is a really good post! And congrats on getting your blog going! I do a lot of different things to keep myself healthy. I exercise for about an hour at least 6 times a week, and do not eat gluten and dairy (due to a health problem, not because I want to).

  • So true!I have been eating trash all my life until last year when I hit hard on realization.And ever since then,I have tried to avoid meat as much as I can and incorporated lot of green stuff into my diet.And started working out too.Somedays I am sicking of eating greens which calls for a cheat day.LOL.But I have always maintained a balance.


    • That’s great Joanna! Keeping a balance can sometimes be a struggle for me too, but I can always feel the difference if I start eating too much junk food. Thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love this!! I’ve been trying to convey this message to people for over a year now, only to fall over deaf ears most of the time. So that’s why we set out to convey the message differently – through healthy-ish food! lol good stuff, and keep it up!!

    • Thank you for reading Matt! A big problem in today’s society is that a lot of people don’t know how to take care of themselves or the effect the food they eat has on their body. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that realizes this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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