What keeps me on track

What keeps me on track

One of the things that I have been working on to eat a little healthier is to be sure I get three meals a day. A lot of the chaos that comes with living in a foreign country, working two online jobs, another on the weekends, and trying to keep up with a blog doesn’t always allow me to have a set schedule and the same routine everyday.

Quite often I end up skipping meals and not even realizing it until its the next meal time. This is not good for two reasons. I either end up not getting in enough calories in at the end of the day which messes with my body in weird ways, or I over compensate at the next meal time and end up feeling super stuffed.

So in an attempt to make sure I get three meals a day I have been doing my best to keep to a few strategies.

1. Stick to the same routine/schedule throughout the week

Sticking to the same routine/schedule everyday allows for my body to get into a rhythm and then naturally I will get hungry at a certain time because by body has become accustomed to getting food at that hour. With all the different things I have to take care of to make sure bills are paid and the house is somewhat livable, I can’t promise I will be doing the next day at a certain time. However, with whatever I’m doing I always try to take a break at the same time for meal times. And to make sure I stick to this, I keep to strategies number two.

2. Set meal time alarms

I set alarms for EVERYTHING.  Honestly I plan out my day one alarm at a time. Okay one hour to do this activity. Alarm! I want to spend this much time cleaning. Alarm! This may be a little too structured for some, but because I know that I only have a certain amount of time to complete the task I am much more focused and productive. Alarms for meal times? It only seems natural. I like to set an alarm for meal times to help remind me to take a break from whatever I’m doing and get some nourishment in me. This has definitely been helping me stick to a regular schedule by planning my work around meal times and guarantees that I get 3 meals a day.

3. Plan ahead

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead! Should I say it again? Plan ahead! Planning ahead has made meal time a million times easier. Now there’s no stress of what I should make or if we have all the ingredients. Now its just a habit of reheating when my meal time alarm goes off. Where I live, Tuesday is market day. So the day before (or honestly right before I leave me house) I create a menu of what meals I want to eat for the week. Then I make a list of what ingredients I need to make those meals and that’s all that I buy. This helps so that I always have the ingredients on hand for my planned meal and that I’m not spending extra money on garbage food because I didn’t plan ahead and just reach for what’s easiest.

So there you have it, three ways to help you stay on track with meal times and eating healthy. These are the three that I have implemented into my own life and what works for me. But it’s always a matter of trying new strategies and finding what works best for you. Have you tried these? Let me know how they worked out for you. Do you have any other strategies or tips that work great for you? Please comment below and share how you stay on track with meal times and eating healthy. I love me some new ideas!

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