Veggie Slaw and Sweet Basil Lime Dressing

Veggie Slaw and Sweet Basil Lime Dressing

I’ll just start by stating the obvious: street food in Mexico is amazing! Right? I know it. You know it. We all know it. Especially in Oaxaca, the unofficial food capital of Mexico, not all street food is created equal.Β 

Obviously, there are many not so healthy but really FREAKING delicious options, but there are also many very healthy options as well. In the mornings, many senoras prepare fruit, veggies and salads to sell for the day. It’s easy to find some cut up mango or papaya ready to go in a little plastic box. When you buy your prepared fruit, veg or salad the senoras wait to hear if you would like it salado (salty) or dulce (sweet).

You can either request for a sprinkling of lime juice and chili powder or a drizzle of honey and granola. Either way equaling refreshing and delicious!

But you MUST choose one or the other, no mixing. In Mexican cuisine there are few times that they mix salty and sweet flavors. Its taboo, and no-no and just weird here. It would be like if you mixed pickles and peanut butter. Who does that? No one, just crazy people!

For today’s recipe I wanted to break out of that binary and do a little flavor mixing! Like I mentioned, street food in Oaxaca includes prepared fruit, veg and salads. One of the salads that is often seen is a mix of carrot, beet and jicama. Jicama is a root vegetable similar to a beet, but a little crunchy, a little sweet and really versatile.

Normally this salad is prepared by shredding the vegetables and topping with lime and chili, but the rebel in me did the unspeakable. I mixed sweet and salty! GASP!!

For this salad I created a dressing that mixes a little of both worlds. Olive oil, honey, lime and basil is all you need to create a simple sweet and savory dressing for this street food inspired salad!


Veggie Slaw with Sweet Basil Lime dressing
Veggie Slaw with Sweet Basil Lime dressing

Β Ingredients

  • beet
  • jicama
  • carrot
  • 4 tbs olive oil
  • juice from one lime
  • 1 handful of chopped basil
  • 1-2 tbs honey
  • 2 tbs apple cider vinegar



  1. Cut into thin strips or shred beet, carrot and jicama and set aside
  2. In a small bowl mix olive oil, lime juice, basil, vinegar and honey
  3. Mix dressing and veg together until well combined. Enjoy!


Veggie Slaw with Sweet Basil Lime Dressing
Veggie Slaw with Sweet Basil Lime Dressing

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