Hey! My name is Shannon and I freaking LOVE food. But who doesn’t, right? I’m a pacific northwest native and live for sunshine. My writing has been featured in Northwest Travel Magazine, food blog “All She Cooks” and I have been the creator, writer and recipe developer for Healthish Foodie since 2016. I learned many unique cooking techniques while living in Oaxaca, Mexico, world capital of indigenous foods such as mole, mezcal, tlayudas and so many more unbelievably delicious dishes. I’m living happily ever after with my hubby Erick and our fur baby schnauzer Lucy in my favorite place in the world–the pacific northwest!

Why I started Healthish Foodie

My generation (The o-so-loved millennials)  grew up on such iconic food–hot pockets, pop tarts, lunchables, pizza rolls etc. Kraft mac and cheese tastes like childhood. It’s great to have once in a while, but its not actually real food and when your making a meal for yourself or maybe to impress someone, making something in the microwave doesn’t cut it. Let’s be real and just accept that we’re all adults now and its important for adults to be able to cook for themselves a delicious meal that doesn’t involve the microwave.

A large part of my generation somehow didn’t take interest in learning how to cook real food because they never had to. But now that we’re in our 20’s and 30’s it’s time to actually treat ourselves like the adults that we are and cook a grown ass meal. I understand that part of the issue is that we just need to eat something that can be cooked super quick. Our generation is so completely over-worked and stressed out that they literally don’t have time or energy to make a home cooked meal.

My friend was telling me about her work schedule when I asked her when she would be available to meet up. She said a certain day would be best because she would get about 4 hours of consecutive sleep. When four hours of consecutive sleep counts as a good night’s rest you know something just isn’t sustainable. But her problem is not unique. It’s actually quite common with millenials since a good portion are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet.

When you have such little time you tend to lean on those convenience foods. But the thing is–how those foods are prepared matters. How food is cooked and processed changes it completely. It can take just as much time to cook dino nuggets in the oven as it does an actual chicken breast which is a lot less processed and would have a lot more nutritional value.

When you look at it in that sense, the difference doesn’t come down to time. Once you actually learn how long real food takes to cook, it then becomes a choice of do I honor my body and feed it nutrients or do I continue to feed it garbage because old habits die hard. At some point everyone has to eat. You’re going to make time to eat so your body can physically function. But I want the time that people spend to make their food, to be spent on preparing real ingredients with something that actually has nutritional value. So many people that I have talked to tell me the same issue–they want to eat healthier and enjoy a home cooked meal, but they have no idea where to start, what ingredients to use or how to cook it so that it actually tastes good and would be worth their time to make it again. I created this blog to help those lost souls get comfortable in the kitchen and to take pride in what they are able to make with their own hands. I offer simple recipes that are easy to follow and SOOO delicious!