Hello, I’m Shannon, the crazy behind Health-ish Foodie!

I’m an online tutor and ESL teacher that happens to be in love with food (hence the foodie).  I’m a small town girl from Sumner, Washington but have been living in Oaxaca, Mexico for the past four years with my husband Erick and schnauzer Lucy.

I’m an amateur cook, a wannabe chef and a veggie addict that’s only human. (a little food porn never hurt anyone, right?) I’m a believer that healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive or taste like grass. It just takes a little know-how to make your taste buds beg and that’s where I come in. Health-ish Foodie to the rescue! YAY! In today’s world there are so many sicknesses and diseases to stress out about. But, are you ready for it?  Here comes the good news…most are absolutely PREVENTABLE. With the right fuel your cute little body can heal its own damn self! More about this later, but if you don’t believe me, check these babies out.

Health-ish Foodie is all about making food taste great with veg-filled recipes and the occasional splurge here and there. Like I said, I’m only human and sometimes a girl needs chocolate! I’m a fan of flavor and spice and everything delicious.  Math is hard, but cooking a great meal doesn’t have to be.  Like Julia Child always said, if you can read, then you can cook!  So learn how to read and get ready to spice things up!