What is plant-based food?

Like you might have guessed plant based foods are foods that are made from plants. We’re talking real food, natural food. Not fake food or some man-made processed crap that you can only find in a box or a can.

Plant based foods are made up of ingredients that come from the ground, grow from a plant and need sun and water to survive. If this is a completely new idea to you (don’t worry! It was for me too at one point), you’re probably thinking “Well great, that pretty much just leaves salad”…WRONG!!

Plant based foods include fruits and vegetables (so yes, of course salad) but also nuts, beans, seeds, grains and legumes! There’s a whole other world of healthy plant based food that I’m sure you’ve never even tried yet! Beans of all sorts, black beans, kidney beans, white beans, are all plant based. And there are so many other grains than just white rice and wheat. Brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, barley, oats are oh so good and plant based!

I must admit I don’t eat many seeds, but they are filled with fiber and omega-3s and also part of a balanced plant based diet. This includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds.

Just because food is plant based and was growing in the ground at one point doesn’t mean it has to taste like dirt. SPICES BABY!! I believe food is all about balance. You can have a healthy meal and still be wowed by how flavorful it is.

Still curious?? Check out these resources  to find more information about plant based diets and some of my favorite bloggers who really know how to pack the flavor into a meal.