If you’re hungry for more here is a list of resources to learn more about plant-based diets, some of my favorite bloggers with even more tasty veg recipes and my favorite cookbooks to get you started! Happy cooking!


Inform yourself!

Here are some must sees and reads that help explain a little more about plant-based foods and what all the fuss is about.

First and foremost is The China Study which is one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted about the effects of animal products on the human body. Dr. Campbell and his partner compared data from 65 Chinese counties in 1973 and 1983. Spoiler alert! What the doctors found was that over a ten year period, as the rise in fast food and animal products began to creep into the diets of former rural areas of China, so did the chronic disease and cancers.



If you’re more of a movie-goer this one’s for you! Based on Dr. Campbell and Caldwell’s research,  Forks Over Knives  presents the power of food as medicine by following several patients with chronic conditions which were prescribed a whole foods plant-based diet as their main medicine.



My blogger faves!

These plant-based blogger power women are some of my personal favorites that have delicious recipes, meal plans and all sorts of goodies!

Linsay Nixon, the face of Happy Herbivore, has a fantastic blog filled with plant-based recipes for newbie veg heads, affordable meal plans that come with shopping lists and everything already planed for the week and Herbies of the week! She also is author of several cookbooks.




Vegan Richa by Richa Hingle is my absolute favorite go-to blog for unique and flavorful recipes. Her recipes are Indian inspired so be prepared to bring on the spice! She also has a cookbook full of CRAZY delicious recipes and has been featured on a long list of publications.




Cookbooks you absolutely need!

Along with the books already mentioned, you GOT  to check these out. They have delicious recipes, beautiful pictures and are best-sellers!


Healthy cooking has never been so SASSY! Thug Kitchen has some serious recipes. I don’t know how they do it. The food is so freaking good!





Aside from being just down right beautiful, The Oh She Glows Cookbook  provides recipes to help you look and feel your absolute best and make you glow from the inside out.