Seafood Stuffed Pineapple

Seafood Stuffed Pineapple

Seafood stuffed pineapple is a Mexican meal that is usually saved for special occasions or the beach. Tropical fruit mixed with fresh seafood, topped with cheese can take anyone to a Mexican beach in one bite! Though this dish looks a little extravagant its actually fairly simple to make. Just a few ingredients and you’re on your way to the playa!

For this recipe I used a mix of shrimp, muscles, octopus and calamari but you can use whatever mixture of seafood you like. Imitation crab also works well with this recipe.

The last step to a stuffed pineapple is to top it with cheese. Most recipes call for mozzarella, however I like the flavor of a sharp white cheddar with the seafood. You can definitely switch up the cheese to your preference just as long as it gets nice and melty!

Seafood stuffed pineapple is an impressive dish for potlucks, BBQ’s or just enjoying the sun with friends.  

Cut the pineapple down the middle lengthwise. Leave the crown as it makes for an impressive presentation.
Prepare seafood by rinsing and cutting to uniform size if needed.
Stuff pineapple with seafood mixture and top with cheese

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